Here are some of the questions we hear the most.  If your question isn’t answered here, please contact us.

How would you describe your photographic style?
We’re a cross between photojournalistic and artistic – we strive to capture intriguing and inspiring images of your special events while making sure we capture all the critical moments.  Sure, we’ll do all the standard group and family photos, but for the majority of your event we’ll be roaming around taking pictures without you even knowing we’re there.  When it comes to the images we produce, we’re all about bold colors and a lot of “pop”, or beautiful, contrasty black and whites.

Do you take photos in color, black and white, or something else I don’t even know about?
All the digital photos we take are captured in color.  We can turn any image into black and white, sepia, cyanotype, and a variety of other color treatments upon request.  But the digital negative is always captured in full color, and you’ll get to see that first.

Our film photos, however, are usually captured in black and white and developed by hand.  This gives us the most artistic control and produces some really awesome images.  That said, we only occasionally shoot film, and then only in old plastic cameras to produce lomographic images. We can do these in color, as well, upon request.

You took my picture!  Where are the photos?
Over in the Client Galleries!

What do you mean when you say you’re “accepting only limited appointments”?
Well… it means just that – our calendar is pretty full already, so we only have select dates available for new event bookings.  Contact us to see if your date is available.

What kind of equipment do you shoot with?
A variety of high-end Canon gear, as well as a few old plastic film cameras that produce really artistic shots.

What’s up with the underwater photos you have on your main page slideshow?
In addition to taking photos above-water, Ben is also a scuba instructor and loves to shoot pics underwater.  Because they’re fun, cool-looking, and out of the ordinary, we’ve featured them on our slideshow.  If you want us to do a photo shoot underwater, we’d totally love to do that!  Seriously!  Just send us a message via our contact page and we’ll set it up with you.